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NLC Texas Elects Student Body Officers


Class President – Gage Mortesen

Gage is 21 years old and from Canyon Lake, California. He decided to come to NLC because he has a friend who is a lineman. After talking with his friend about a career as a lineman, Gage thought it sounded interesting and exciting and he wants a career just like that!  

Gage didn’t research any schools because of NLC’s reputation, but Gage did come for a tour to get familiar with the campus and his new stomping grounds. NLC has totally exceeded his expectations. According to Gage, the combination of class work and being outside has him doing things he never imagined and the curriculum and the instructor help are structured perfectly!

After his first day on campus it took Gage a little bit to get used to the flow of the day to day activities, but everyone was so welcoming and he said “all of the guys here are really great and we almost instantly bonded. We realized we are all in this together for the next 15 weeks.”

Gage ran for office because he feels he is a great leader. He is comfortable stepping up to the plate and getting the job done. He had the support of his peers behind him and figured he could use his free time productively to help out his class, campus and community!

Class Vice President – Jesse Adwell

Jesse is 24 and he comes to NLC from Illinois. He decided to attend NLC to better his future. Prior to attending NLC he looked at going to Northern Iowa College. After comparing programs and schools Jesse decided to attend NLC. He will be the first Lineman in his family!

Jesse was a little worried during his first week of school about “how he was going to learn everything, but NLC has a wonderful program! My expectations have been blown out of the water!” He decided to run for office because the instructors thought he was a great leader and he had the drive and responsibility along with several classmates who prompted him to run.

After graduating from NLC he plans to go wherever the work is so he can provide for himself and his fiancé.



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