The Benchmark Standard of Training

Rubber Glove Certification

530-534-7260 ext 209

International: +1 530-534-7260 ext 209 

Taught on site or at NLC

4:1 student to instructor ratio; 5 days

This course reinforces the importance of insulate, isolate, and protection from second point of contact through classroom lecture, application exercises, and field exercises. Particular emphasis is placed on continual review of OSHA regulations, industry best practices, and your company safety standards.

Field activities include, but are not limited to dead-end insulator replacement, tangent cross-arm replacement, insulator replacement on angle structure, buck-arm/tap-arm replacement, upgrade fused cutout disconnects on three-phase primary riser, install in-line dead-end (line-breaks) with cutout disconnects, install gang operated switch, and pole replacement. Course can be tailored to meet your company needs.

Kristen Clay 
Administrative Assistant UTS

It would be an honor to answer any questions you may have. 
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