The Benchmark Standard of Training

Transformer Installation and Operation


Taught at NLC

16 participants maximum per session ~ 5 days

Participants will learn to bank transformers on Northwest Lineman College’s industry-famous transformer lab facilities. Remarkably realistic lab with low-voltage primary allows trainees to safely connect, parallel, determine rotation, troubleshoot, and connect single and three-phase loads in a positive learning environment. Related OSHA regulations and ANSI standards are emphasized. Course mix is approximately 20 percent classroom and 80 percent hands-on lab.

Students will learn to make both DELTA and WYE primary and secondary connections. When connected properly, students read actual secondary voltages found in the field, such as 120/240 and 120/208. Course is delivered using simulated work orders which maximizes problem solving and participation. Participants must properly select transformers, determine connections, install/bank transformers, check voltage, and close main. Single phase load center homes have lights and three-phase load centers are equipped with three-phase ¼ hp motors. Students will also learn to vector their connections.

Kristen Clay 
Administrative Assistant UTS

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